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Unison Echo® lighting control system

Intelligent lighting for hospitality

Lighting control in hotels, resorts, convention centres and other hospitality venues doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. ETC’s Unison Echo control system is an affordable, easy-to-use family of products that provides sophisticated yet uncomplicated lighting control for hotels of any size.



Hotels can have a variety of different lights throughout the building, from tungsten and two-wire fluorescent to LEDs. Instead of having to install several different power controllers to run all of them, the Echo Power Control System can support multiple load types without complex hardware or commissioning.

Individual control

Echo Inspire® control stations can be customised for every location, so there are no extra switches or confusing controls to deal with. The Inspire stations can be installed anywhere: behind the registration desk, near entrances, in custodial closets and anywhere else they’re needed. All of the stations can record presets, so the simple push of a button can instantly change the lighting for mealtimes, night time, cleaning, or special events. And the Echo system’s Space Lockout feature blocks unauthorised users and prevents accidental button pushes.

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