Integrated control & automation systems for rooms, residencies & buildings

State of the art Home Automation solutions that control anything electrical in the home and provide enhanced energy saving and convenience. With a easy-to-use graphical interface, you can control a large number of subsystems without the need of training or prior experience. An automation system includes software and hardware that meet digital requirements for lighting, shading, heating, ventilating, air-conditioning, security and audiovisual by integrating all different applications into one user-friendly front-end interface. You have the control over every application in your home only with the use of one touch panel! 

Lighting control systems

Add luxury to your home by installing a well designed and easy to control lighting system and create different moods for your different activities. You can choose between warm and intimate, cool and modern.

You can even maximize your security by copying your typical lighting patterns for playback into the system when you are out, and automatically switch external lights on when darkness falls.

Our lighting control systems offer you:

  • One touch control of all lights in the house
  • Lighting scenes in every room of the house
  • Curtains and blinds closing automatically with the touch of a button
  • Lights simulating your usual activity when you are out
  • Easily adjustable lighting scenes that can be easily restored
  • Saving energy simply by having your lighting as you want

Climate control systems

Set the preferable temperature in your house according to your mood. Make your life comfortable and save money by controlling your heating, ventilation and air conditioning. Humidity and temperature can be set accordingly for different rooms of the house and only from one single location. Save money by heating or cooling particular rooms in your house, while at the same time create the ideal environment for you and your family.

Shading control systems

Audio-visual systems` control

We offer advanced technological solutions for Media Distribution and Entertainment Systems for residences of any size. Bring all your home entertainment systems together into one single integrated solution and distribute any audio and video source around the house. This means that you can enjoy your favorite music or video in the same quality no matter where you are in the house, bedroom, living room or cinema room. Watch any High Definition Videos. Enjoy 1,080p quality and Dolby digital and DTS audio from all different sources: BluRay, Cable, Satellite, VUDU™, Netflix®, Apple® TV and more.

About Us

Panoutron was founded in Qatar in 2012 by the owners of LUMATRON Qatar WLL. & PANOU S.A. The two companies, sharing the Qatar National vision for 2030, took the strategic decision to establish a Qatari organization to fill a gap in the Qatari high - end AV market. Panou and Lumatron are family companies established in the early 60s in Greece and Lebanon respectively.  Both Companies have an extensive experience and know how in audiovisual, VR, simulation, lighting and security systems & technology in Europe and in the Middle East. As of today, Panoutron, employs more than 70 (Group personnel), allowing the company to provide quality solutions and services to customers in the State of Qatar and the region.

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